• Handknitted Beanie (Love Your Lands - Rosalinda)

  • Diseñado por Smeeny Beanie Knits
  • Altura: 24.0 cm
  • Hecho de 100% Merino (Malabrigo Mecha)
  • Precio: 8,800 HUF (€25)

  • Número de piezas disponibles: 0
  • This hand-crafted premium beanie has been made using only the finest spools of merino wool. All hand-dyed and sourced from sustainable farms from Peru and Uruguay. Merino wool is much softer to the touch than regular wool, and is a pleasure to wear even for the most sensitive skins. Because every spool of wool has a unique coloring pattern, every headband is unique in its own way: Each piece is an exclusive, unrepeatable work of art.

    - Hypoallergenic.
    - The yarn is made with superwash technology, which means you can wash it in a washing machine (wool cycle) without fabric softener.
    - This cowl is extremely soft and flexible and makes any outfit stand out.
    - It's 24 cm tall. (It's quite stretchy!)

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Esta pieza hecha a mano puede contener pequeñas partes que presentan un riesgo de asfixia para niños pequeños. Por favor no dejar que niños menores de 3 años jueguen sin supervisión de un adulto.